Louis Vuitton released 2016 America’s Cup Race Series Clothing

America’s Cup World, the grand sailing events, LV and cooperation to create life this event series has been 30 years of tradition. Designed costumes for the event always emphasizes elegance and comfort.

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If the most symbolic American flag stripe star pattern is that most symbolic color is red, white and blue, the color of this species is said this summer super popular yo, very taste of summer, even Miss Universe are red, white and blue bikini uniform became a symbol of the MM sexy vibrant! But for the sportsman, the vitality of a handsome fashion that is both essential. America’s Cup yacht racing on, not only Louis Vuitton replica handbags store luggage customized trophy for the tournament, but also release out full range of sports fashion V Gaston logo pattern stylish new series, with red, white and blue V Gaston logo designs, the main leisure travel sports style, fashion colors also create a handsome energetic style.

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Series perfectly embodies Louis Vuitton replica uk  love of travel and commitment to excellence, design around the “luxury and elegant and relaxed way of life” to start – showing wear clothing suitable for different occasions – stroll on the beach, watching events, dinners receptions, etc., and interpretation of the perfect shape to meet the modern era of elegant lifestyle. The new Louis Vuitton America’s Cup men’s full series of single products are run through “blue-red” tricolor, very eye-catching.

The iconic three-color V-shaped icon LV replica  founder grandson Gaston Louis Vuitton in the early twentieth century to create a “V” shaped logo painted on his own and various travel goods and luggage. Today tricolor V already has become the representative of Louis Vuitton Men Logo. Whether casual beach pants, suits or evening style, by the iconic Gaston V three-color Logo, semaphore signals, winning yacht design and other fun graphics strung coherent series of single products, showing a casual and elegance.

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